My Version of Heaven

I just experienced the most heavenly room.   

Dina Bandman's nursery at this year's SF Decorator's Showcase has the one thing I love about great design - it tells a story.  I'll cover the showcase in my next post, but I wanted to highlight and discuss this one room today as it really had my heart.

One of the first things I tend to notice when I enter a space is - how does it make you feel? And "Lemondrop Lullaby"  felt like I'd just stepped into a cozy, comfortable, zesty wonderland.  It really just envelops you.

Dreammmmmy wallpaper,  a lucite crib that looked next-level amazing, perfect hardware, lattice work on the ceiling, a revitalized vintage dresser, and the most adorable scalloped curtains evers. Flawless right down to the last detail.

lemondrop lullaby.PNG

I know guys, take a moment. Just take a moment. 

LOVE with the crib. There could not have been a better choice  & it complements the lemon tree wallpaper (custom designed with de Gournay) to perfection. 


A close up of bead work on the wallpaper. It's great how de Gournay aims to surprise and delight with a new technique each year! (last year it was with embroidery)



Impeccable handmade linens by Julia B

custom pillows.PNG


Super pretty Tiffany wall sconces (designed by Sabrina Landini). Cinched with a band of mirrored glass. 



I loved the gingham in different parts of the room.  On the changing tray and inside the closet.



Who wouldn't want to play,  nap or read with baby in this cozy corner?  :)



The gold & lucite hardware throughout felt cohesive and gave it a touch of glam. Holdbacks & light controls. 



A wardrobe right out of my nursery dreams! The onesies are adorable. And did you spot the lemon dividers?  I love that they went the extra mile on every last detail.


Who else wants to now move into this room? Maybe we can petition our way into it :P


The showcase runs until May 29th so if you want to experience it in person, hurry, hurry.. The house is in a great location too, in the Marina.  Here's details!

I was thoroughly inspired by a lot of the rooms this year. More coverage in my next post, stay tuned!