Small but mighty

While perusing inspo for a project, I came across this small but mighty bathroom on Pinterest (designed by AB Chao). We are going a different (serene) direction with our project, but I was really inspired to recreate this! Especially because it might actually be an easier one to execute. It would be great for a small bathroom because it creates lotsa drama with relatively fewer elements! A standout hero wallpaper like this one can do the the trick when you want to make a bold statement but without busting your budget.

Here’s the inspo -

And here’s how to get a similar look - finds from Wayfair, Ebay, Etsy and more..

  1. Black tropical wallpaper - found on Wayfair (at $1.34/sqft, it’s big style on a small budget)

  2. Love these sconces and how they’d play off the wallpaper

  3. A vintage french mirror - found on Ebay (there’s lots of them on Ebay -search for “vintage french mirror” or “provincial french mirror” ). I’d go with an antique brass or giltwood, instead of the black

  4. A simple white pedestal sink

  5. Chrome cross-bar faucet

  6. Towel ring

  7. Monogrammed hand towels for a personal touch

  8. Seagrass / natural fiber storage baskets

And that’s about it. When in doubt, keep it focussed and simple, but with a dose of drama :)

My Version of Heaven

I just experienced the most heavenly room.   

Dina Bandman's nursery at this year's SF Decorator's Showcase has the one thing I love about great design - it tells a story.  I'll cover the showcase in my next post, but I wanted to highlight and discuss this one room today as it really had my heart.

One of the first things I tend to notice when I enter a space is - how does it make you feel? And "Lemondrop Lullaby"  felt like I'd just stepped into a cozy, comfortable, zesty wonderland.  It really just envelops you.

Dreammmmmy wallpaper,  a lucite crib that looked next-level amazing, perfect hardware, lattice work on the ceiling, a revitalized vintage dresser, and the most adorable scalloped curtains evers. Flawless right down to the last detail.

lemondrop lullaby.PNG

I know guys, take a moment. Just take a moment. 

LOVE with the crib. There could not have been a better choice  & it complements the lemon tree wallpaper (custom designed with de Gournay) to perfection. 


A close up of bead work on the wallpaper. It's great how de Gournay aims to surprise and delight with a new technique each year! (last year it was with embroidery)



Impeccable handmade linens by Julia B

custom pillows.PNG


Super pretty Tiffany wall sconces (designed by Sabrina Landini). Cinched with a band of mirrored glass. 



I loved the gingham in different parts of the room.  On the changing tray and inside the closet.



Who wouldn't want to play,  nap or read with baby in this cozy corner?  :)



The gold & lucite hardware throughout felt cohesive and gave it a touch of glam. Holdbacks & light controls. 



A wardrobe right out of my nursery dreams! The onesies are adorable. And did you spot the lemon dividers?  I love that they went the extra mile on every last detail.


Who else wants to now move into this room? Maybe we can petition our way into it :P


The showcase runs until May 29th so if you want to experience it in person, hurry, hurry.. The house is in a great location too, in the Marina.  Here's details!

I was thoroughly inspired by a lot of the rooms this year. More coverage in my next post, stay tuned! 

Inspired by Mindy Kaling's LA Home

Who else is excited about Ocean's Eight?!

I saw the trailer last week and flipped out.  It's got 2 of my favorite people - Mindy Kaling & Helena Bonham Carter. And it features that annual event that launched a thousand best-and-worst dressed lists - the MET Gala.  I can't wait to see this 8-women action / adventure / comedy play out. Also, Mindy Kaling who's a thorough entertainer on every level and whose book  "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" I read in a single sitting on a plane ride, always, always makes me laugh. 

Architectural Digest featured Mindy's bright and cheerful LA home earlier in the year. Like Mindy, it's vibrant and full of personality. What caught my eye though, was this fun tropical wallpaper in one of the powder rooms.  

Mindy Kaling.JPG
15 - bathroom.jpg


How fun & funky is that! 

For some reason it made me think of all the fabulous tropical islands I need to go to, like Turks & Caicos and the Maldives. Aaaaah, I'm dreaming of sea breeze and ocean spray.



Well, if you can't go to the tropics, you can always bring the tropics home!  

So here's what I came up with.  A tropical, paradise bedroom. Gorgeous Seychelles wallpaper complemented with soft, serene greens. Clean lines, gold accents & a hint of leopard keep it modern. Natural fiber and seagrass bring in texture and a relaxed feel.

tropical paradise bedroom final.jpg

Seychelles wallpaper / headboard / bordered duvet set / accent pillowcurtain rod / curtains / nightstand / natural fiber rug / mirror / dresser / leopard trayhydrangeas & roses / art / seagrass tray


Alright folks, and on that note, we're going to close out 2017 and welcome 2018!

If you're looking to refresh & rejuvenate your living space in the new year,  I'd love to help you do that. A few days ago, I told you about  "Step into Style",  a decorating & styling package I'm offering.  Be it your home, a condo, a rental apartment or a room,  we will get creative and crafty and imbue it with personality.

I don't believe decorating should mean getting rid of everything you already own and buying a whole bunch of new stuff!!   Nor should it mean buying every single piece from a catalog. Na-hah.  Instead, I believe it's about mixing,  newer purchases with treasured antiques, enhancing what you already own, and doing it in a way that makes sense for your life and family.  There's nothing more appealing than a home with a distinct personality.

And there's ways to achieve that without breaking the bank.  

For instance, giving store-bought curtains a lift with a custom trim, like this...

custom trim.png

JCPenney silk curtains ,  Samuel & Sons coral interlock trim


or reupholstering an antique chair you own, and modernizing it with a pretty fabric, like this...

antique chair modern fabric.JPG

Premier Prints zebra pink, P Kauffman buffalo check


...or renewing your bookcase with a splash of paint! Like this deep Hermes orange or geometric paper,  a lively backdrop for all your favorite reads.

bookshelf makeover.jpg

Everyone deserves to feel in harmony with & proud of their living space! Give me a call if you think I can steer you in the right direction & freshen things up for you as we step into 2018.

I am very grateful for every one of you who reads, comments, shares, talks back, and is part of my life through this blog.  I appreciate you so much, and I value your interest in what I do. 

Sending a lot of good juju & positivity your way!  May you have a healthy, happy New Year & I'm thinking of you today. I hope you're up to something fun tonight. As for us, we're still "making plans"!  Welcome 2018.


Image Credits: Architectural DigestReal Simple, Pinterest