Inside SF Showcase

SF Showcase is a treat and I was thoroughly inspired by a lot of the designers and rooms this year!   In my previous post I talked about Lemondrop Lullaby  aka "the room that took my breath away", designed by Dina Bandman. Sharing glimpses from the rest of the showcase today.  And this is the last weekend it's on, it ends Tuesday, so if you want to go see it in person, hurry, hurry.


An elegant entry by Molie Malone.  The skirted table was glamorous & the giraffe runner up the stairs was a winner too. Loved 'em.



Meditative art in the breakfast nook. I liked the the placement & flow of the frames. 



A room I was ABSOLUTELY TAKEN with - this little adventure of a space by Kari McIntosh Design
Inspired by her travels to the seaside refuge of Pompeii, Italy,   this room was filled with risk, intrigue and adventure.  A story in every corner.  I felt like I was in an episode of Poirot -  "Adventure by the Sea" or some such mysterious holiday,  n'est-ce pas?!

The plastered walls, painted ceiling, charred nightstands (yes they're made from charred wood people... REAL cool, there was a flipbook that took you through the process), snake sculptures, an enchanting fresco & a dramatic Paul Ferrante candelabra chandelier - told the story beautifully.



The terrace made you take a pause and enjoy the breeze. The pod benches were actually suuuuuuper comfy. Love the sconces by Urban Electric. 



The Lady Cave by De La Cruz Interior Design felt like a fun, cozy space to relax and entertain in.  (Square footage wise it may have been one of the bigger rooms in the house, but it FELT intimate because of the way it was designed). 

 "The hug of the house" is how Heidi Schwarz from DLCID described & it did feel like one. Moroccan fabric tented the room, plush Moroccan rugs and tufted sofas filled up the space.  I liked the little bulbs from Urban Electric tucked into the ceiling fabric - a cool touch!  It had that  bedouin, Middle Eastern vibe to it that sort of reminded me of old Dubai.  And very aptly,  they had a visual of present day Dubai playing on TV.

Photo by  SF Curbed

Photo by SF Curbed



A room I loved for it's serenity - this ocean retreat bedroom by Eden Wright Design.  Soft wall-to-wall carpeting, a supremely inviting chaise lounge (I could read a book or two here). Check in your tech at the door and step into this space to de-stress and take in that spectacular view.   I LOVED the window treatments in this room and the way the fabric tied into different parts of the room.



If you're looking for something fun to do this weekend and indulge your inner design child,  go check out the showcase.  Make a day out of it at the Marina.  And if you go,  let me know your thoughts &  your favorites!!