Decorating a home for sale

Last month I was part of a team (led by Cynthia Holiday at Holiday Inc & Elise Marie at Exp Realty) that prepped & decorated a beautiful, 4-bedroom family home in Fremont for sale. The house is in a DREAM school district, so it's hot property right now.  We were charged with getting it updated & furnished for open house in a few weeks!  It was an INTENSE few weeks, but we pulled it off :)  

Sharing a few glimpses with ya'll here!

You'll see lots & lotsa neutrals (albeit with lots of texture)  and that's because when decorating a home for sale - neutrals are your friend. Whites, greys,  gold tones - but of course, you can have some fun with texture.  We kept the walls simple & painted them flat white and heron gray.  Sometimes a polarizing wall color could put someone off the entire house, so it's best to stick with neutrals when it comes to this. Also, it opens up the space and makes it more inviting.

Photos are a combination of my own and those taken by the real estate photographer.

My favorite feature in the house? The BEAUTIFUL bay windows, hands down.

If you or someone you know is interested, please pay a visit. The listing is shown here.

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