Beautiful Spaces

I've been meaning to write this post for a while and since it's the weekend, it's the perfect time to share these finds with you.

I'm usually very drawn to places that create an ambiance of immersive beauty & make you feel beautiful. Spaces that make you want to just BE there, for hours sometimes (I'm certainly guilty of this!) 

Here are some gems that I've discovered. Some of these I've been to because they're in my neck of the woods, and others are "must-sees" that I definitely want to go to in the near future. And when I do, I'll be doing cartwheels & back flips (as if!). I hope you enjoy them.


I  loooove St Frank in San Francisco. I only just discovered this place a couple weeks ago and now I'm stalking them on Instagram :P  Batik cushions, framed suzanis, coffee table books on travel & culture, a lovely chinoiserie vase, fabric trays  - there are some beautiful artisan goods to be found here. I know eclectic is an overused term, but it really was an eclectic mix of fabulous things.


A dear friend introduced me to this cafe, La Panotiq, also in Noe Valley, a couple weeks ago. The ambiance was lovely and we sat there for an hour just chatting and enjoying our caffeine and pastries (the almond croissant was delish!)  It has this California meets Parisian cafe vibe to it - for instance, there were traditional French accent chairs paired with a wooden table with succulent centerpieces. I quite loved the mix. 


What's not to love when you've got fresh flowers, coffee & beautiful things in one place? I love The Flower Boy Project a flower shop x cafe x gift shop created and curated by LA-based designer Sean Knibbs. I read about his design philosophy in this LA Time's article where they describe it as a "cross-pollination of retail and hospitality". It's a delight to find a place that cares about aesthetic in every aspect, from the decor to the drinks. Their floral lattes (Lavendar Boy & Rose Girl, topped with lavender/rose bits) are beyond beautiful. Have a look.


Laduree in Soho has all the luxury & flair of it's mother-ship in Paris. The neoclassical French decor, ornate chandeliers, antiques and that trademark pastel and gold color palette -all part of the signature Laduree experience.

But what caught my attention were pictures of their outdoor cafe. This beautiful urban retreat style setting in the heart of city. I thought it looked quite gorgeous, with a canopy of cherry trees and a fountain.

laduree 3.JPG

I learned about The Wing from reading this article in Fast Co, about the work of Emily Oberman, an irreverent New York based designer who has designed for the likes of SNL & Jimmy Fallon. Her latest project was to design the visual identity for The Wing - a women's only social club and co working space in New York.

I like the color palette - pale pink and minty green with gold tones, and some of the vintage decor (like those fabulous chairs in the powder room). It may be a little too pink for my taste, but you gotta love a space that commits to it's vision!  From the logo branded tables (LOVE the logo by the way), to the matchboxes, and those chic "power women" pencils - it's all in the details. And The Wing is right on the money when it comes to living out it's story in the broad strokes & the details.


I discovered Yoga Source in Los Gatos when I first moved to the Bay Area. I appreciate their big practice rooms and full length windows. It feels airy and welcoming, even if there's some street noise coming in every now and then. Also, how gorgeous are those lamps in the waiting area.

yoga source los gatos 4.JPG


A few years ago, while attending a friend's wedding in Arizona, we ventured into unknown territory, driving through the red rocks of Sedona. To our delight, we stumbled upon Amara Spa. Location wise, it can not get better than this. The sight of the red rocks at dusk is something else.

They had these detox weed wraps where you're wrapped up for about 20 minutes in seaweed, salts & muds from the surrounding area. They're definitely a tad pricey but if you're on a holiday and in the mood to splurge a little, it's a fun experience. Also, I gotta say I love the logo and branding by Fine, especially that deep raspberry color, mirroring the color of dusk in Sedona.



And finally my most favorite of all beautiful spaces - Mother Nature!  No, this picture below is not a Lord of the Rings style set in New Zealand; it's in San Francisco :P  A beautiful spot I was taken to a few days ago (lived in the Bay for 4 years and only just discovered this!). I can't tell you where this is (sworn to secrecy ;P),  but if we're out on an adventure in the city one day, I'll bring you here. And you'll see the sunlit gorgeousness of this place and feel compelled to thank the universe for just being here!


What's a place you love going to? Any favorite spots you particularly enjoy?