Favorite blue finds

I feel like indigo is having a moment right now. I'm seeing it show up everywhere - in art, home decor and fashion accessories. I've always had an affinity for blues, particularly indigo. Case in point, these tiles (pictured below) that I purchased from Jaipur, India nearly 7 years ago.  I love them so much. It's just a matter of time before I put them to good use (or so I tell myself ;P)! 

Also, I stumbled upon something I fell head over heels in love with, this past weekend. This stunning daybed at St Frank's in San Francisco, stacked with indigo batik pillows :) It was the perfect setting for some reading and an afternoon siesta.

Inspired by the blue hues I'm seeing everywhere, here's a list I pulled together of my favorites things with the blue in them. Share with me if there's some in here that you love as well! 1 & 2 have my heart right now.


My tiles from Jaipur

jaipur tiles.jpg

Current favorites with the blue in them

1. Nomad Deluxe by Herbert Ypma   Discovered this coffee table book at a home decor store I visited last week. I am literally in love with this man's photography!  Have a look at some of the stunning photography in this book. He's captured amazing shots from around the world.. Egypt, France, Morocco, India, Maldives...you name it. I LOVE the colors. And I can't help thinking how amazing this would be as a housewarming gift for someone special.

2. How unique is this chinoiserie ginger jar & eucalyptus print? Perfect if you want to bring that classic touch to a room. There's 3 other prints to mix and match with.

3. It's all in the details. These decorative door knobs are gorgeous. And would go so well with warm wooden doors.

4. I love these pom pom earrings - their summery, carefree and FUN! 

5.  These wispy cedar blue plates, are perfect for an outdoor setting. Here's a pro tip I've picked up - pieces of place setting are mixed by color, not by pattern. You can play around with patterns, even mixing them up, as long as you ground them in your color scheme. I love this classic blue & white place setting I saw in House Beautiful - it's relaxed, summery and elegant.

6. This blue and white pillow combines block print & embroidery. Zoom in to see the neat embroidery around each print. It's got that unique textured look to it.

7. And finally this floral print navy blue jumpsuit. I like the ruffles and that it's feminine but at the same time gives that boss lady vibe. I'll add the link for this as soon as I find it!