Things I want to do this spring

I've been very motivated to spring clean this past week and now that I've done some of it, I have to say, best decision ever. I got rid of so much "stuff" that was just taking up space for no good reason!

It's also the season for renewal and freshening things up. For me this translates to new inspiration, new experiences and new habits. I decided to make a list of things I absolutely want to do before spring/summer comes to a close. Here goes! 

1) Go visit The Getty. I've been wanting to go for months! I definitely want to check out their decorative arts collection and the Getty Villa. It looks like they have a great calendar of events at both the Getty center and the villa. Also, I didn't know this but admission is FREE. I think it's unbelievably cool that everyone has full access to so much fantastic art, culture and inspiration! A wonder.


2) Take a nature hike and see the fantastic spring bloom up, close & personal. A dear friend sent me pictures of the super bloom at Carrizo Plains National Monument and I nearly died! I definitely want to get outside and BE with the wildflowers.   

3) Get back into my yoga practice. I love me some yoga. I feel so much more healthy and relaxed when I hit the mat 2-3 times a week. I can't do a headstand to save my life (respect for all the lovely yogis who can!), but I can hold the pigeon pose for a good 8 minutes. And it leaves you feel you amazing. I really need to get back into it.

(p.s. This picture of the Amansala in Mexico is blowing my mind on so many levels. Sun, palm trees, water, yoga mats... heavaaan!)


4) Leave my phone outside the bedroom so I can resist the urge to check my phone first thing in the morning. I know this is just not healthy. Get a table clock so there's absolutely no excuse to keep my phone by my bedside.

5) Spring clean!  I've already begun doing this and I gotta say, it feels amaaaazzzing to purge. I started with my much dreaded coats / shoe closet. Earlier I'd look at the amount of things in there and just get stressed out. A dedicated 4 hours and it's a whole new space!

I have a super basic approach. It's either an easy yes or a hell no!  

For shoes that are off-season or occasion wear, I took a small snapshot of each pair and stuck 'em on the boxes so we never have to search through a pile of boxes again. 

The before situation (piles of stuff) /  the after situation (organization ninja Z to the rescue)...

And I just could not do away with this beautiful pair of slip ons! They're so fab and fun. A gift from a friend who'd visited Kenya, but I've never worn them since they're a size too small. 

slip ons from Africa.jpg


Busted out this beautiful black and white tray. One of my favorites. It was stored away for a bit but now it's back in favor :P

black o white tray.JPG

And that's a wrap!

What 1-2 things you're looking forward to this spring / summer? Anything that you're looking to refresh / renew / change up?

Image Credits: The Getty, John Arackaparambil, Amansala