Macy's Flower Show

This weekend I was at the Macy's flower show in SF and I kept finding myself saying "This is spectacular!" Every 10 steps, I'd see something beautiful and feel this way. The theme for this year's exhibition is Carnival & yes, the displays are over-the-top, but that's the whole point :) 

I wanted to share with you some fantastic scenes from the show. Here's 12 things I loved. This isn't everything - there was a lot of cool stuff - but specifically things that caught my attention. Also, it was SUCH A BEAUTIFUL day in the city, I had to thrown in a couple street pictures, for good measure!  

Macy's has their flower shows in NYC, Chicago & SF around springtime every year. And they have some fun in-store events happenings as well. Here's what's going on in your city (major envy right now for the events lineup in NYC and Chicago!  floral cocktails & chocolate samplings, anyone?)  But I gotta say, it's hard to be too mad, because nothing beats the gorgeousness of a beautiful spring day in SF! :)

Street-side tulips just outside Macy's...



Angel's trumpet (what a perfect name for these flowers) at Union Square.

angel's trumpet union square.jpg


The Waterford crystal "wishing well". The only time you'll be allowed to throw quarters into elegant crystal. There were a few kids there having a ball :)



The "Oops: Spilled Bag of Popcorn" lady. Look closely at the ruffles on her dress :) 


This beautiful floral bouquet. Yes, those are sprigs of MINT leaves sticking out. I loved it!  How beautiful would this look on a spring table with a whiff of mint floating around the table. Elegant and unique. It was part of a floral demo that I caught the tail end of. 


These beautiful jazzed out pegasus, the stars of the show (there were 6)



I really liked this Love Tunnel recreation in the perfume department



And this pretty patch of flowers. The little orange flowers at the bottom of the patch are supposed to be super easy to maintain all year round. Perfect to grow in your garden, per our tour guide, who knew a hell of a lot about plants!


Towering pots



These adorable carnival cookies


And lastly, this Greek goddess themed Paco Rabanne Olympea perfume bottle. I loved the shape of the bottle & the display.

olympea perfume bottle.jpg


And that's a wrap! Anyone else go to the show?


P.S. You'll find all the details for your city here. There's some  fun events and workshops happening over the next 2 weeks. These in particular looked attractive to me,

Meet GODIVA's Global Executive Chocolatier Thierry Muret (NYC)
Floral Cocktail Seminar  (NYC)
Harry London Chocolate Sampling (Chicago)
Cooking demo with My Chocolate Soul (Chicago)
Spring Centerpieces with Freckled Florals (SF)
Festival Styling Party (SF)