Something cute for the walls

Ok, so lately, I'm loving the design finds I'm seeing in the Wall Street Journal. Here's another great find from their Off Duty 50 Spring list - contemporary embroidery by fiber artist Sarah Benning. I love her modern take on this traditional craft!

Her patterns look like snapshots straight out of a design magazine. I was especially drawn to the hoops with the mid-century desks & the rug patterns  (first & second picture). They'd make for GREAT wall art for a kid's room.

Her story is pretty adventurous too. She left her day job working as a flower specialist at the Whole Foods, to pursue her embroidery career full-time. So far, she hasn't had to look back. She lives in Spain & retails her patterns and workshops through her website. If you enjoy needlework, this might be a cool project to do. Not to mention you'll have some gorgeous handmade art for your walls.

contemporary embroidery_sarah benning5.jpg
contemporary embroidery_sarah benning3.JPG
contemporary embroidery_sarah benning4.jpg
contemporary embroidery_sarah benning1.jpg
contemporary embroidery_sarah benning8.jpg