Rugs to Knock Their Socks Off!

Lately, I've gotten so many questions on this one topic (the most asked / requested topic), I thought I'd dedicate a post to it!  Rugs and where to find some good ones, and how to select one for your space.

Someone I recently met lamented "We've tried out a few different rugs in our living room & haven't liked a thing!" This young couple has a toddler so not only did it need to look good and be durable, but soft too. Not an easy task!
A few other things I heard, "We found a rug we love, but it's too small for our room!" 
And, "We have a bright, coral couch with floral pillows, and it's been hard finding a rug that will complement it."   
One busy dentist told me, "I get quite a bit of foot traffic in my office and want a rug that can handle it,  is not too pricey, and I want it to look good!"

I couldn't wait to get back home (we were in Austin for the weekend attending a friend's baby shower!) and write this post up for ya'll.  Rugs on rugs on rugs! :) My favorites. A variety of styles, price points & ideas on how to use them in your space.


Natural Fiber Rugs
If you want to ground a room that already has a lot of color and pattern, say with a statement sofa and cushions? Go with a simple jute or sisal rug.

There's lotsa options out there in all price ranges. These rugs are durable, and a chunky sisal or a jute basketweave feels soft on the feet too. A nice complement to hardwood floors!   And they're great for layering. Say you have a favorite patterned rug (geometric/floral/stripes etc) but it's too small for the room, or the large version of it is pricey - just layer it with one of these & you're golden! 

bright elements, neutral rug.JPG
natural fiber rugs.jpg


natural fiber rugs.png

1. Basketweave jute - World Market  / 2. Jute -  RugsUSA  / 3. Bordered sisal -  Pottery Barn   and there's a host more!
Use the words "jute" "sisal" "chunky basketweave" when you search.


Zebra / Hide rugs -  
I can't think of anything more effortlessly stylish than the zebra pattern. I LOVE it as an element in a room. It looks amazing in the living room, at the foot of the bed or even in an eclectic entry.   Accent a room with a faux hide rug - zebra pattern, cowhide or sheepskin (faux fur feels good too). So chic!  

zebra hide rug 3.JPG
faux fur & hide rugs.png

1.  RugsUSA , World Market / 2.  Houzz, Overstock  / 3.  Overstock  / sheepskin - Pottery Barn, IKEA


Stripes - are a GREAT way to break up the space & easy on the eye.  I'm a fan of the broken stripe rug & they are hugely popular right now and have been for a while.  here ,  here, here & here (at IKEA for $99!!)

brokem stripe rug living room.JPG
broken stripe flat weave rug.JPG

Mix florals with stripes! It's a great way to combine patterns. And it can bring that modern touch to a room that's heavy on florals (that could otherwise look a little stuffy or old-fashioned!) 

florals and stripes.JPG
striped rugs.jpg

West Elm / Annie Selke / JCPenney


Gorgeous medallion rugs - 
I'm head over heels in LOVE with this collection at West Elm!  Reminiscent of Weinreib's mandala rugs. These could easily be THE BEST thing in your room. Stronger colors like the macaroon pink or the horizon yellow (amazing names btw!) would look great in a room with an otherwise neutral palette. 

Andalusia rugs - westelm.png
medallion rug.png
madeline weinreib medallion rug.JPG


Then there's these lighter ones by Safavieh -. they'd look amazing in an ultra-glam room, with a starburst chandelier and some gorgeous coral/gold cushions. 

rugs - soho collection.png


Chevron Pattern
Playful, modern & eye-catching


RugsDirect / Overstock


Traditional Rugs
Pretty traditional rugs in muted colors (below)   Houzz, Overstock & RugsUSA  

Don't be afraid to roll out a traditional rug in a modern room!  In fact, it can really make a room go from looking too sterile,  to warm & welcoming! 

traditional rug modern room.JPG


Florals & Botanicals -   I feel that botanicals are best left for your fabrics - curtains, cushions, accent chairs - there's so many great fabrics on the market to play with (here's my post on that).  But if it's something you're keen on, think of going with one that is limited in it's palette, 1-3 colors.  Here's a few I can get behind  :) All of these on  RugsDirect, Houzz

floral botanical rugs.png


Distressed rugs

distressed rugs.png



Flatweave runners
Great for the kitchen and narrow spaces like a hallway or the bedroom. I've been seeing so many kitchen photos with these colorful tribal / kilim runners featured in magazines,  and they look amazing! 

I found a stockpile of unique ones on Ebay and Overstock

handmade flatweave rugs.JPG
flat weave tribal rug.JPG
flat weave, bringt runners.png

This Week's Finds!

I've been seeing so many fun little things lately, little things that add big personality to a space. I thought I'd share some of my favorites from the week with ya'll!  

These votive holders ( seen in BHG's August issue). They are replicas of nautical flags - aren't they awesome? :)  They'd be great in a little boy's room. Or even 1 or 2 in an accessory tray in an entry.



These dreaaaaaaamy plaid throws by Faribault Mill. I LOVE the muted colors.



Fantastic swan arm chairs at an antiques store. The legs need some paint, but other than that - kinda perfect. 



A pair of chinoiserie garden stools. They'd make for great indoor side tables as well, like in the picture below


Bringing the outdoors, inside 



These all white busts would be perfect in a room that's mixing antiques and modern.  



This from a couple weeks ago -  a cheery chartreuse stool sitting pretty under a stack of furniture! 



I like the clean look of this tufted cocktail ottoman at Living Spaces.  They've given the space a  beachy vibe in this setting, but I think it'll look equally good in a more formal setting (with darker legs though)..



Also at Living Spaces, this acrylic & gold tray table. A great example of bringing in big style with a small footprint.  Setting two of these with some flowers & refreshments would create a welcoming ambiance for guests!



And lastly,  I bought this beautiful set of 6 stem glasses for a total STEAL. I used to have a set of green stem glasses I was in love with and they broke over the years. I've been on the lookout for a similar shade ever since. I finally found these with pretty rope stems. I can't wait to use them in a Fall table!



Anything you've seen lately you really loved?!  Something fun that you wanted to bring straight home with you (or had to resist bringing home??  story of our lives!  ;-))