Fabric Fantastic

fabric fantastic 1.png

All of these fabrics at under $15 a yard!

Ever want to spice up your cushions or give new life to an old chair with fresh upholstery - why not do it with these fabrics and customize the look, for nearly the same price as store-bought ones. 

There's lots of great options at  buyfabrics.comfabric.com &  fabricguru.com.

Worth exploring! :)

As always, I love hearing from you, so don't be shy to share your comments with me below.  I've had a few requests  (rug suggestions,  decorating styles, paint color suggestions and more) & I'm going cover all these topics over the next couple weeks! If  you have any specific topic requests, comment below.

On a separate note, who has started decorating for the holidays?!  About time to deck those halls (staircases, doors and mantels! :))