Time to refresh! Rejuvenating our bathroom

New year. New mood. New hues. 


I'm in the mood to freshen things up right now (as I'm sure many of you are too) and I started off with a bathroom refresh this past weekend!  It felt so good to clean up, toss out old/unused things, and give it a whole new look & feel altogether. Look wise, I wanted to take the blue hues that were in there - out, and replace it with something that felt...CRISP.  

I’d purchased this gorgeous giclee print by Clare Elsaesser at the end of last year. It's beautiful & moody, and I felt it would set the perfect tone in the bathroom. I wanted to give it an antique gold frame and after hunting in antique stores for the right match, and having no luck there, I found these guys online. And boy, am I glad I did!  I LOVE my scooped antique frame ($75). I had a local framer add plexi, a mat and backing (for $70), and voila! I’m thrilled with the way it shaped up. It became the jumping off point for the rest of look.

I also love the monogrammed shower curtain (L for Lakadawala - our last name). You can't tell from the pictures, but the border and scripted 'L' are embroidered - giving it a deep, rich finish.

Our bathroom feels much more calm, grounded and inviting and I love it.  Here’s a few pictures and sources (please excuse the yellow hue - pictures taken on my phone)


accents - lanterns.jpg
waste basket.jpg

It's about to get real in this next pic. Under the sink storage baskets for all those not so pretty (but essential!) cleaning supplies. I bought these seagrass baskets (first spotted at my sister’s) at The Container Store. Highly recommend! Bought a couple more for other areas of the house.


And here’s the look -

moody bathroom.png

monogrammed embroidered shower curtains / antique gold frame / art - Clare Elsaesser / flowers - peonies / spa candle (similar) / striped napkin / waste basket (similar - this basket with rope handles is suuuuuper cute. I found mine at Home Goods) / seagrass storage baskets / metal lanterns (similar)