My Holiday Wreath

A little late to the wreath game but it's finally UP!   Made with a  mix of vintage ornaments (and a trusted hot glue gun & some ribbon of course! ). Hat tip to the inimitable Eddie Ross for inspiring this!!!   Worth every last wire twist and glue shot.

If you're feeling crafty this week, you could totally attempt one!   I've shared a quick how-to below.

Going from this 

IMG_2549.jpg that!


There's about 60 ornaments in there  (and SHOCKINGLY I had only 1 breakage over the course of doing the whole thing - yay me!) 

It adds a nice holiday-y glow to our home.


Here's how to make one:
1. You'll need about 60-80 ornaments.
2. Bend a wire hanger into the shape of a circle.
3. Stick the ornament caps to the top of the ornaments with a dab of hot glue (the caps tend to slip out quite easily especially when jostling them around as you arrange  'em. You don't want to skip this step!!)
4. String one ornament at a time through the wire hanger, in the color and order that you want.

A quick tip - I actually arranged the ornaments on the floor first, before stringing them through the wire hanger. It just makes it easier to visualize, and then place them as you go.

steps to make it.png



And a few more colorful wreaths to spark your imagination!

ornament wreahth chatreuse.JPG
gold and silver ornament wreath.JPG

I love this gold & silver  - maybe next year!


Whaddya think??? :)