Happy Mother's Day, Mom

I'm sure those of you with little ones got some sweet handmade cards today (the best!). Or if you're living in the same city as your mom, maybe you're spending the day with her. Maybe you've sent her some flowers today. Or like me, you're wishing her over a Skype call (because we're separated by 8000 miles!!) 

If you're lucky enough that you're in the same city, state or even country as your mom, I hope you're making her feel extra special today. 

I usually write about design, but given it's mother's day, I want to keep this post about thanks and love. And I want to say thank you to my Mom for so many, many things she's done for my sisters & me.  So here goes...

Thanks mom for bringing me into this world. I mean 8 lbs is no joke!

Thanks for story time in the kitchen every evening, while you cooked dinner, cleaned up, and did God knows what else, while at the same time telling me an incredibly captivating tale about the crow and the water jug!  Multi-taking is a mom superpower.

Thanks for giving in to the mushroom cut swag of the 80s... some of our best childhood pictures :)

Thanks for making elaborate themed birthday cakes for us every year (Hansel & Gretel's candy house, the train, Mickey Mouse are just a few I can remember). But most of all, thanks for your CLASSIC chocolate hazelnut cake. I still dream of it. An unhealthy amount actually.

Thanks for not laughing out loud when I'd regale you with one of my "performances".

Thanks for designing beautiful dresses for all 3 of us for ALL of our special occasions. I mean, were we lucky or what! Thanks for introducing me to the wonders of Can Can.

Thanks for being someone who loves to explore and learn & for taking us along to the classes you went to.  Whether it was flower making, ceramics or glass painting - they were SUCH FUN.

Thanks for driving us around for an indecent number of extra curricular activities. Sometimes I wonder how you did it. Really, how did you?

Thanks for your resourcefulness, without which I'm pretty sure I would not have made it to college. (My mom is an incredibly resourceful woman.  I mean, you could give her ANY topic under the sun, in a field she knows nothing about, and she'll magically find answers to it. It's a TOTAL skill.) Thanks for researching colleges, organizing our college apps and making sure we got them in by the deadline. Thanks for being just as meticulous with plenty of other things in our lives!

Thanks for your love for reading which you've passed on to me in spades. Reading in bed is part of my DNA now.

Speaking of which, thanks for passing on those fantastic genes! People say I have one of your best traits - the ability to always smile. And I can't count the number of times I've been told "you look just like your mom". A total compliment.

Thanks for keeping a spotless clean home. And for passing on this trait (some might say, obsession ;)) to all 3 of your kids, even if it's to the woe of others sometimes!

Thanks for helping me pick out my wedding dress (even though there was drama and tears, it was all worth it because the end result was phenomenal, thanks to YOU).

Thanks for being so close to your siblings and family, and passing on a love for family to us. It is a TRUE blessing.

Thanks for always, always keeping us in mind, and to this day picking things out for me, my home, sending me a helpful link to an article, a recipe or something specific that I need. Another mom superpower -  knowing exactly what you need and sending it to your inbox.

Thanks for being a big part of my life even though we're 8000 miles away.

I love you mom, happy Mother's Day!

And because a wonderful day such as this calls for some humor, I hope you get a laugh out of these!

funny card 1.JPG