Fantastic Art

When I walk into a room, one of the first things I notice is the art. Good art can really make a room come alive!

Lately, I've found myself being drawn to great, original abstracts. I know a lot of people look at abstract art and think "Oh I could've made that!"  (I've definitely been guilty of this!)  & ok, maybe there's some abstracts out there that aren't great and don't justify the hefty price tag.  But I've found that making a good abstract is freaking difficult. The composition, color choices, brush strokes,  all give a painting that certain "feel". Easy to look at, very hard to accomplish.

 I've been seeing a lot of rooms lately where a more traditional room is accessorized with a contemporary abstract, and I have to say, it's a winning combination!!  I love this mix of styles. It's what makes the room interesting.

Here's some images of rooms where the art is really bringing that extra something to the space. And I've rounded up some of my favorite art sources for you below! Art does not need to be expensive to be good. There's some great, affordable art out there.  Check 'em out below  and feel free to browse through the sites and pick your own favorites!


Love, love, love this abstract on canvas in a little boy's nursery, discovered on Elements of Style.  It's got a fantastic blend of colors & goes perfectly with the gray walls.

art in a nursery.jpg


A gallery wall of birds in the Southern Living Showhouse 2016 , designed by Mark D Sikes. Love how the gallery extends down the entire wall , givingit height (also loving the chandelier but we can talk about that later! :) )


These framed chinoiserie panels are beauuuuutiful. The clean, powder blue upholstery and the panels are a perfect complement to each other.


A great example of mixing styles...this room designed by Mark D Sikes, has mostly traditional elements (chinoiserie vases, the floor lamp, the hurricanes), and then there's that one perfectly-sized, eye-catching squiggly abstract!  Genius.


Stunning horse photography...


And here's some of my favorite picks right now! :)

Love, love, love these minimalist watercolors by Lauren Adams Art on Etsy. Their so interesting to look at & the framing is spot on.



Get those serene vibes into a room with agate art by Dolores Robak Art (also on Etsy).


I'm in love with these abstracts on canvas by Kelly Witmer.  You could get high quality giclee prints and frame them ..they'd look pretty great! 

kelly witmer 3.jpg


There's a wonderful new art source on the block -  Artfully Walls. They have a great selection of varied art & they have some fantastic, ready-to-go, curated collections by designers as well.

Here's a few pieces from Mark D Sike's curation...blues, blacks and whites, combining tiles, abstracts, botanical and photography. 


Here's another one I like -  the "garden of delights" collection.. 

mark d sikes artfully yours 2.JPG
crane and flower.jpg


Large scale photography can give a room dimension & depth. Here's a great example by Erin Gates Design .. what a view!  (Fun fact: centuries ago, monasteries would mount a huge painting where the monks had their meals so they could ponder on it in silence while they ate. I like the thought of that A LOT.  Here we are pondering over What's App messages  ...maybe some cool, large-scale photography will change that! ;-) )


Serene shots by Mina Photography



Pure Photo's nature photography is PHENOMENAL.  They're definitely pricey, but phenomenal.

pure photo 5.jpg


I hope you enjoyed that round up!  I have lots more fantastic art to share with you. Let me know if you like this post / check out any of these finds & I'll do a round 2! 

Also, share this post with an art-loving friend...someone who likes to discover new art or  someone who's in the middle of a redecorate. You never know who's in need of some inspiration :)

Any artists you're crushing on right now?