Design Crush Tuesday: Paloma Contreras

I came across this beautiful, happy bedroom on Pinterest the other day and instantly wanted to find out who it was designed by.  It's the work of Paloma Contreras,  an award-winning designer based out of Houston and the founder/curator/writer of her wonderful blog, La Dolce Vita. Her work seemed familiar but I couldn't  quite place where I'd seen it before... and then I remembered - it was on postcard I'd picked up at deGournay a few months ago.  It turns out, I've loved her style for a while now! :)

de gornay postcard.jpg


Looking at room after room of her work, I found myself saying, "Holy smokes, this is gorgeous!" at least 20 times!   They're tasteful and textured.  Sometimes formal but never fussy. A play on patterns. Comfy but not homely. Gorgeous vignettes!  And a BOLD use of color. And they seem to have a quality to them that says "these are real, livable homes for real people" , and not just clicked for a magazine spread (although she's been featured in quite a few of them! )


A happy, cheery bedroom. Every time I see this Katie Ridder wallpaper I'm more in love with it - it serves as a beautiful backdrop to this bedroom! The suzani pillows are a winner too.



Want to liven up a basic white pinboard? Add a nailhead trim to it. Love it!



Normally, I wouldn't be a fan of matching shades and throw pillows, but here, somehow, it just works! I think all that natural light, the large window and the surrounding white, balances of the pattern and colors and makes it all come together really well.



Love the arched entrances to the rooms, the columns and the mounding. Don't miss the fantastic antique side/end tables!



A lovely vignette. 



A small but grand bathroom.  It's moody, it's luxurious. Paris flea market chandelier, anyone?! :) And that console sink is va-va-voom gorgeous.






If one is ever to pick a taupe-ish brown wall color for a room - let this be it!! 

The striped curtains, the headboard and the pillow choices (a Schumacher fabric on the square pillows) are all fabulous.