Wallpaper Obsession (25 Beautiful Objects, No. 23)

I'm officially obsessed with this wallpaper. 

It's by Cole & Son and it's called Fontainebleau. I love the colors & delicate-ness of it! The exotic birds and those blues. It might be too dramatic for a large wall, but I think it looks lovely in a small space or done as a panel (like in the 2nd image).

There's a cool story behind how this pattern was designed. The designers from Cole & Son found a vintage French document pattern that was in fragments. They filled in the gaps with their imagination and created this beautiful bird & floral pattern, naming it after the lovely gardens outside the Palace of the Fontainebleau. There's a picture of the original fragment at the very bottom.

I think it's great how a piece from the past can inspire present design. You never know where you're going to get inspiration from!

No. 23 on our list of 25 Beautiful Objects

23. Cole & Son's Fontainebleau Wallpaper

                        Original document pattern

                        Original document pattern