Mitchell Black

I hope everyone's had a great start to their week! 

I just realized it's been a while since I've shared a wallpaper post on here! I discovered this cool new wallpaper source, Mitchell Black, over the weekend and instantly wanted to share it with you guys. I've been pottering around their site all week & they've got some really fresh and fun designs.  What's great is that their wallpapers are peel-and-stick (aka removable wallpaper).

Wallpaper has made a major comeback in the past couple years... it's ascended from "grandma's house" status to being totally chic. A great way to make a bold statement or set the mood of a room. Removable wallpaper works well in places where you want to get the look but without the commitment. And it looks pretty darn great too!   An accent wall? Kitchen backsplash? The kids' room?  These would be perfect.  I think the key is to go with quality paper & to hang it as smoothly and carefully as possible (here's a great tutorial by Apartment Therapy that explains how).  I like Mitchell Black's mix of designs - funky geometrics, uber feminine florals, whimsical patterns inspired by vintage Asian / African/ Australian textiles, and vibrant monochromes - they have a little bit of everything! Check 'em out.

mitchell black dusty yellow heartbreaker.jpg
mitchell black stalking tiger black moss.JPG
mitchell black tasmanian sand.JPG
mitchell black dusty yellow.JPG
mitchell black heartbreaker royal.JPG
mitchellblack abacus.JPG
mitchell black faceted graphite.JPG
mitchellblack turkish rose.JPG
mitchell black wallflower lilac.JPG
mitchellblack fanning out mint.JPG
mitchell black moody.JPG


I'm kinda sorta obsessed with this antelope sketch! Talk about DRA-MA.

mitchellblack drama 2.JPG


It got me peeking into their Wall Art section.  Some really great finds here too. How fantastic is this swimmer series (splash, dive, in the air)  & the letterpress key!

mitchell black wall art.png

Color of the Year

"It's not easy being green...."  Well it is this year!  Green is the color of the year, and I'm loving some of the green accents I've been seeing in the design world lately.  Thought I'd do a roundup of my favorites & maybe there's something in here that inspires you too!


I discovered  de Gournay's hand painted wallpapers just the other day and now I'm obsessed. My love affair with botanicals continues.  On a visit to their showroom last week, I saw their various collections & the different materials they paint on, from tea paper to silk & their exquisite catalog of paintings. In love with their mural wallpapers, particularly the chinoiserie.


Fiddle leaf fig trees create such a spot of joy in any room. I've seen people pot them in wicker baskets or seagrass baskets like these at Target, and it looks pretty great. You could get the nearly natural version too if you're not the best plant mom! :P 


Banana leaf / tropical leaf pillows give a room that relaxed, breezy vibe. And they're very on trend.  Love the pairing with beige, black & white.

banana leaf pillows 6.JPG

here, herehere & here 


Agate coasters...I've only recently become aware of how fantastic of a design element agate can be. I saw these coasters at a friend's place in a tray & loved them touch! I tried to look up if there were any sellers on Etsy who'd make these at a budget-friendly price, and lo & behold, I found one -   309DesignCo . They'd make for GREAT hostess gifts for someone who's into modern/eclectic.

here and here



Green & gold seems to be a hot trend right now with furniture, and I gotta say, I'm kind of in love with it. I saw this gorgeous green & gold color palette in the Wayfair catalog. Very modern luxe. A bold move to go with a non-neutral sofa, but it could pay off.


More green & gold -  this dresser spotted at High Point Market last week. I love the details - the gilded bamboo and the pinwheel knobs.

dresser green and gold.JPG

I also found this DIY green & gold nightstand by Maggie Overby Studios. Using a slide under sofa table as a metal base to give it height is GENIUS!  And the end result looks great.

dresser green and gold_diy_maggie.jpg


I saw pictures of this Alabama cottage in House Beautiful that has beautiful interiors and exteriors with different shades of green throughout. The lamp in the indoor dining makes a statement, and that outdoor dining terrace submerged in nature, is something else! THE perfect setting for a meal.

alabama cottage_pantry.jpg

Painting kitchen walls & cabinets is one of my favorite decor ideas right now. It's cool to see before & after pictures of remodeled kitchens, and it's craaaaazy how paint can transform it, bringing in a sense of space and light. Here's a few paint colors I thought were impactful but not overwhelming.

Modern rustic... 

hillside green.png



saxon green.png


Industrial chic.

paint colors_teresa's green kitchen walls.JPG



Image Credits: de Gournay, Greenery NYC, Houzz, Etsy, Wayfair, classicremixchicago, Maggie Overby Studios , House Beautiful


Marthe Armitage's Inspiring Wallpapers

I recently discovered a wonderful English wallpaper artist - Marthe Armitage, from reading this article about her in the Wall Street journal. Marthe has only recently gained acclaim for her beautiful botanical wallpapers that she still makes by hand in her riverside home & studio in England. And here's the kicker - Marthe is 86 years old! "Success has arrived for me late in life, and no one is more surprised than I am", she says. Talk about inspiration!

Her most vital inspiration? Nature. “My eyes are always open to it.” 

I'm in LOVE with her hand-printed wallpapers! You can see her entire collection on the website of historical wallpaper dealers, Hamilton Weston. And there's a cool video as well if you want to see what her design process looks like.

marthe armitage_wallpapers2.jpeg
marthe armitage_wallpapers3.jpg
marthe armitage_wallpapers5.jpg
The mug in this picture caught my eye too. Absolutely beautiful.

The mug in this picture caught my eye too. Absolutely beautiful.

marthe armitage_design process2.jpg
marthe armitage_design process3.jpg
marthe armitage_wallpapers9.JPG
marthe armitage_wallpapers10.JPG
marthe armitage_wallpapers11.JPG
marthe armitage_wallpapers12.JPG
marthe armitage_wallpapers13.JPG
Her collaboration with luxury perfumers, Jo Malone, a pattern called Summer Afternoon.

Her collaboration with luxury perfumers, Jo Malone, a pattern called Summer Afternoon.


Image credits: Vogue, Elle Decor, New York Times, Daily Mail, IMAGE, The Telegraph, Hamilton West, Nick Balloon photography