Current Favorite Dining Table & Chair Combos

Selecting a dining table for the home can be tricky business! It's a pretty important purchase and one that's going to serve for years to come. In our family home, it was the place we kids did everything - meals, school work, craft projects  & general faffing around!   Whether for family dinners or friendly gatherings, a dining table that's functional and sturdy and has a certain timeless quality to it, is a wonderful thing. 

So I thought I'd share a few dining table and chair combos with you this week!   Ranging from a rustic modern farmhouse table to one of my favorites, the classic tulip table. For families of 4 to a party of 12.   A roundup of dining table and chair pairings that complement each other, without being too match-y. Across a range of budgets and styles.

dining table chair combos.png

1. tablechair  - the classic tulip table

2. tableend chairside chair  (a similar look for less at Target and IKEA herehere & here)

3. tablechair - a sculptural table like this is interesting and keeps it light and airy

4 table (love, love, love this pedestal table at ZGallerie - it's on the pricier side of the scale, but how beautiful is this base!), chairs with a nail head trim

5 tablechair - a fretwork table with pretty peach chairs - feminine chic! 

6  This gorgeous cherry wood Ethan Allen table (a steal for $250 on Chairish) with buffalo check chairs

7 A vintage mahogany table with these chairs. Painting them white and reupholstering with a zebra print fabric would look pretty fabulous.

8 Some outdoor inspiration!  A white trestle table and all-weather wicker chairs. Inspired by this dreeeaaamy outdoor dining loggia designed by Bunny Williams.

9 tablechair - for a more contemporary feel. A great table at an excellent price.

10 tablechair - simple & stylish


Once you have your table & chairs picked out, there's lotsa ways to accessorize & make the space come alive. A statement chandelier, an interesting rug, some art to set the mood...

For instance, a fun, contemporary dining space like this might be perfect for a city condo.  Starting with a tulip table and acrylic chairs. Adding on some soft sheepskin (love it's pairing with the acrylic, like here). This mismatched striped rug is very chic and the starburst chandelier brings in the oomph. I found this "cheers" neon light on Zulily - how cool would it look mounted on a wall in the dining/entertaining area.

glam chic dining room.png

Inspired Outdoor Dining

This week's post is all about taking it outside!  

Going back in time a little... picnics were a HUGE part of my childhood. Every couple months, we'd go on one big, glorious, family picnic (we were about 30 of us!). We lived in Dubai, a city that is insanely hot in summer (too hot to be outside) but super beautiful in fall / winter / early spring.  It was sort of a reverse picnicking season!

My favorite park to go to was the Dubai Creek Park with it's sprawling lawns and huge shady trees. And my favorite food was barbecued chicken and this delicious French Toast (we'd call it "slices" for some reason) that one of my uncles made for us kids.  

You'd see many families sitting around enjoying the breeze, playing board games or just chatting up. But inevitably, we'd be the loudest, most boisterous of the lot. 

You could hear us laughing, arguing, pontificating and backslapping from a mile away! Food was being passed around, an angsty toddler or two was on the lose, some kid somewhere just got struck by a ball and another one was climbing the jungle gym like there was no tomorrow! It was mayhem. A wonderful kind of mayhem :) The parents had a hard time keeping track of who was where, but the sun would set and somehow, magically, we'd all end up as a whole again, trotting tiredly back to our cars. It was a glooooorious time. 

Tis being the season for outdoor entertaining, picnicking and the likes,  I was very inspired to pull together a couple of formal and informal tablescapes for anyone taking it outside & making some equally glorious memories with your family & friends this summer!  I've discovered some really good looking and budget-friendly disposables for the season and there's lotsa fun (and not to mention, kid-friendly) melamine out there as well. Creating an inviting outdoor setting has never been easier! :)  




Breezy & Beachy

I liked this seaside, beachy tablescape I saw at the mall the other day... I liked that the simple white dinnerware was combined with a whole lot of texture (rattan, wood, mesh etc.)


You could create a beachy casual setting of your own, but maybe with a little more color?  

I started with this beautiful coral dinner plate (it's melamine) and added some texture with a mesh table cover, rattan chargers and wood flatware.  

Hints of gold & these neat table lanterns "pick up"  the setting. I especially LOVE the small gold tea light holders - spread 'em across a table and they'll create a perfect ambiance for an outdoor setting. Bringing in a a hint of blue with these cracked teal glasses. 

coral dinner plate / natural rattan charger  / nautical net table throw  /  beachwood flatware / starfish place card holders (too cute! from Etsy)  / linen striped napkins /  gorgeous table lanterns (love these to bring some height into the setting) /  cracked teal stem glasses teal / gold tea light holders /  tropical stargazer lillies in a vase as centerpieces



Pretty & Posh

These rose plates by Caspari instantly caught my eye. They're elegant & fun, and they're disposable people!  



Quite perfect for a semi-formal setting..

Throw on a white tablecloth and line with this fancy-looking (but totally disposable!) place settings - lime green and white dinner plates, paired with the rose dessert plates, and some fancy gold flatware.

Scatter chartreuse tea light holders across the table, and add on a beautiful peony centerpiece to  play up the plates. I LOVE this  "First Come First Served" acrylic pitcher by Kate Spade! It's such a classic & so fun.  Perfect for keeping you guests glasses topped with lemonade.



white tablecloth /  burlap pleated table runner /  green dinner plates (disposable),  rose dessert plates (disposable), gold flatware (disposable), paper cups, paper napkins,  Kate Spade acrylic pitcher,    chateruse tealight holder


Classic Blue & White

I came across this beautiful indoor blue-and-white setting and fell instantly in love with it. This table is so stunning, as is the place setting, and the yellow flowers. This could easily be something you take outside!



I was very inspired to do some blue & white for a picnic :) Yet still keeping it classic...




2 easy tips for outdoor entertaining

Here's a couple tips I've picked up from the first lady of Southern design and decor (the wonderful Bunny Williams), on how to take even the most casual setting up a notch and make your guests feel a little extra special...

The Napkin Fold.  Make a quick fold towards the inside at the top of the napkin, then flip the ends to the outside. It's super easy to do and makes for a great finishing touch even for some casual dining.


Floral Centerpieces  x  Hurricanes.  I love this idea for adding some pzzaz to your outdoor table. Arrange a floral centerpiece with seasonal flowers/plants. Flank by hurricanes. The hurricanes should be tall enough that people can still see each other across the table. Etsy has a bunch of  nice vintage hurricane choices!