A Timeless Classic

Schumacher's Pyne Hollyhock is a bit of a legend in the design world. A timeless classic that instantly resonated with people when it first burst on to the scene in the 1960s, and to this day graces the windows, walls & furniture of so many beautiful homes! 

I recently saw it featured on the cover of Schumacher's winter issue of The Bulletin (pic below) - and was floored by the simple warmth of the space and it's pairing with the striped chairs. Stop-you-in-your-tracks gorgeous.

Schumacher did a whole feature on Pyne Hollyhock & Nancy Pyne, whose home it was first introduced in, when famed designer Albert Hadley sourced this floral chintz from England for her home. Chintz wasn't in fashion at the time, but for Pyne it was love at first sight -  "My friends and family said "No, no no!" But I said "Yes - I like it."  

It was cool to read the history behind it & I also enjoyed reading about Mrs. Pyne herself!  Including her maxims for a well-lived life. My favorite - "You've got to never think about yourself, never, and you've got to think about other people".   Clearly, she's a lady with great style & a force to reckon with!

Because of it's popularity, the Pyne Hollyhock is an excellent study in how a pattern as exquisite as this can be applied in different ways in your home. Let's explore!




Nancy Pyne in her home at Cherryfields, 1987

nancy pyne vintage.PNG


... in her current home. 

nancy pyne current.jpg


Pyne Hollyhock in it's original color, charcoal.

pyne hollyhock.PNG


This entire vignette is super glam chic. Sunburst mirror, a leopard pillow and that exquisite Hollyhock headboard.



Powder room envy!!  

powder room.PNG


This pup is clearly living her her best life!



One of my favorite applications - crisp Louis XVI chairs

king louis chair.PNG


As a pillow,  a nice pairing with the bottle green

pillow pairing.PNG


And finally, this dreamy bedroom that has my name written all over it!  Modern elegance. I love how the swirly marble lilac pillow (modern) complements the grisaille wallpaper (a classic). 

wallpapaer elegance.PNG



Photo Credits: F. SchumacherThe Glam Pad, Laura Design Co,  Schumacher Instagram - 1, 2