A Spring-y Bedroom

So it's beauuuuuutiful out there right now! 

Last weekend being our anniversary, my husband and I ventured out to Rocky Point (it's south of Carmel-by-the-Sea, as you're going down Hwy 1)  and I have to say it was spectacular.  I highly recommend it as a day trip or even a weekend getaway (there's a few hotels within 10-15 mins). The coast, the ocean breeze and the sun = us in our natural habitat!! Who else is with us? :)  The views were phenomenal - here's a shot of the ocean that took my breath away,

pacific _ rocky point.jpg

It being beautiful outside, I was inspired to create a simple and cheerful spring-y bedroom. One that's fresh & colorful & textured! A little traditional, a hint of gold to reflect the light, and a happy feel to it. The kind of room that lifts your mood by just being in it!

I decided to take somebody's actual guest bedroom as an example for this one, and share how to bring it to life. You can give even a small room like this A LOT of personality by bringing the right elements into it!  

a small bedroom.png


So here goes...  

a spring-y bedroom.jpg


1.  a vintage four-poster bed  like this oak wood one on Chairish

2.  dusty pink bordered pillows & sheets  (also a great bedding find!)

3. a  muslin quilt from Good Earth India at the base of the bed. And there's plenty of great sources for vintage quilts & block print quilts on Etsy as well - in fact, I found a great source that I've shared at the very end!

4. a small pedestal end table topped with  5 - an orchid  and  6 - a spring green table lamp ( I LOVE this lamp on Chairish - it's a splurge at $200, but the payoff would be terrific!  At half the price, and equally vivacious,  the louvre lamp by Safavieh)

7. a bedside read for your guests to enjoy  -  "I Married Adventure" by Osa Johnson  

9. ....and a comfortable chair to read that book in!  Natural elements like this wicker chair from Pier1, brings a relaxing, indoor/outdoor sense to the space

8. How adorable are these elephant tea light holders ! They fit so perfectly in a room that's inviting people to relax and dream of lands near & far.

10. Antique brass curtain rods with pom pom trim curtains.  I debated on this for moment wondering if the pom poms would be a little kiddy, but I think here, they bring a playfulness to the room that could work.  You can always do some simple off-white curtains for a cleaner look.

11. and the STARS of the room -  these antique botanical fruit prints found on Etsy!  I'd frame them in gold frames like these very inexpensive and clean looking ones from IKEA

12. a lightweight Bunny Williams diamond pattern rug to round it all off & ground the room.

A simple & inviting room for your guests to enjoy.


When searching for block print quilts, I came across this ah-mazing source on Etsy  - Shop Rajasthan. How pretty are these! The colors especially. Very spring. And the colors you get from natural dyes, like the green, are unmatched, truly.

jaipuri quilt.PNG
jaipuri quilts 2.PNG
jaipuri quilts 3.PNG


Whaddya think? Wouldn't you like to just lounge around in a room like this?  I for sure would!

And what is everyone up to for spring? Any changes around the house, small or big? 

I took a small blogging break these past couple weeks because I've been getting organized with a few things, working on a project AND working on a personal project too - more on that in a future post!  Back to our weekly schedule starting this week.