The feral and fabulous world of Simon Doonan

Clever, edgy, irreverent - that’s how one might describe Simon Doonan. He’s the world’s most famous window dresser, creative-ambassador-at-large at Barneys, and the author of several books on his experiences in the world of high-fashion & glamour (Confessions of A Window Dresser & more).

I got introduced to Simon through the podcast Design Matters, and his interview was such a clutter-breaking delight to listen to, I had to share! Wicked, fun, bold & tongue-in-cheek - much like his approach to life.

Sharing 6 of his iconic window displays on the blog today! From metal scraps to Louboutins, to everything in between - have all found their way into a Simon Doonan display. “Try things that other people aren't doing and they'll automatically have some kind of impact."

Here’s links to Simon’s hugely entertaining TED Talk (on his unconventional career) & his talk at Moth (on being invited to decorate the White House Christmas Tree).

Onto the displays. Feast your eyes!

”Swimming with Louboutins”
To mark the opening of a new floor at Barney’s, dedicated solely to shoes, Doonan created this display of fish swimming amidst suspended Louboutins.


swimming with Louboutins.JPG

Pretty x Provocative
A mannequin in a dress perched on a pile of branches from the streets of New York.
“I was running out of money for the season, and I noticed they were cutting down trees,” said Simon.


A Creative Spin on the Ordinary
Starburst displays made from pantyhose.
“Everything was made out of something else, and that’s a signature thing I started doing that gave Barneys an edge,” Doonan said.


“Andy the Compulsive Collector”
When Andy Warhol died, Doonan created a display as a nod to the pop culture icon (and to the fact that it became known he was a bit of a hoarder!)

warholiday 2.PNG

“We love SIR Paul Smith"
A nod to when designer Paul Smith was knighted by the Queen. Reams of ribbon were used to design the queen’s face.

paul smith.PNG

“And The Awards Goes To” - To mark the partnership between hair care company Nexxus x the Tony Awards, Doonan created this display of a glamorous woman on stage, presenting an award. Her hair was made entirely of Nexxus hair care bottles, while her dress was designed out of Tony Awards posters.

Nexxus Tony Awards Collab.JPG

Nexxus Tony Awards Collab - wide.JPG

Creative, absurd, weird & wonderful - wouldn’t you agree? Who else is inspired?

Image Credits: Art Observer, Zimbio, Pinterest, Pinterest, Getty Images