Loving Me Some Mid-Century Modern

Lately I’ve been on the hunt for some clean mid-century modern furniture for a client’s home and came across some fantastic inspiration while at it! Lauren Conrad’s bright, airy Pacific Palisades home caught my attention with it’s clean lines & Cali casual vibe. All that natural light pouring into the living room, and the neutral palette plays it up beautifully! I thought I'd break down and share what I love about this space & how you can get a similar look.

A few aspects I'm loving -
- the warmth and texture - a mix of woods, leather, brass, wovens & plants, against the all-white backdrop looks amazing and really warms up the room
- the delineated windows against the white walls - gorgeous
- a mix of vintage & mid-century modern elements. Like the antique brass coffee table ( a personal favorite she’s carried through different homes) with those incredible (teakwood?) lounge chairs - love their structure
- the mid-century modern rocker (adorable) seems to be having a moment - I’ve seen it show up in many a magazine pages this year!
- that big, beautiful oversized mirror above the fireplace

Lauren Conrad Living Room.PNG

Here's some suggestions to get this look

airy california casual living room.png with eos reference.png

1. planter 2. round brass mirror 3. rocking chair 4. white fringe pillow 5. paint - Benjamin Moore - Super White 6. tan leather sofa 7. brass vase (this one at Wayfair for much, much less, would look just as great), 8. woven bw striped pillow (love this shop The Little Market - fair trade, supports co-ops), or Etsy  9. wink pillow 10. wall sconce 11rug 12. lounge chairs 13. garden stool 14. bw striped pillow 15.fringe throw 16. gold leaf coffee table 17. mongolian faux fur pillow 18. fiddle leaf fig tree 19. woven baskets 20. ace tray 21. hydrangeas in a vase 22. coffee table books - Tim Walker’s Storyteller would be an incredible browse, MAD creativity on every page.

Thoughts, questions? Comment away!

A Timeless Classic

Schumacher's Pyne Hollyhock is a bit of a legend in the design world. A timeless classic that instantly resonated with people when it first burst on to the scene in the 60s, and to this day graces the windows, walls & furniture of so many beautiful homes! 

I recently saw it featured on the cover of Schumacher's winter issue of The Bulletin (pic below) - and was floored by the simple warmth of the space and it's pairing with the striped chairs. Stop-in-your-tracks gorgeous.

Schumacher did a feature on Pyne Hollyhock & Nancy Pyne, whose home it was first introduced in. Famed designer Albert Hadley sourced this floral chintz for her home from England. Chintz wasn't in fashion at the time, but for Pyne it was love at first sight -  "My friends and family said "No, no no!" But I said "Yes - I like it."  

It was cool to read the origin story of this gorgeous pattern & I enjoyed reading about Mrs. Pyne herself!  Including her maxims for a well-lived life. My favorite - "You've got to never think about yourself, never, and you've got to think about other people".   Clearly, she's a lady with great style AND a force to reckon with.

Because of it’s popularity, the Pyne Hollyhock is an excellent study in how a pattern as exquisite as this can be applied in different ways in a home. Let's explore!




Nancy Pyne in her home at Cherryfields, 1987

nancy pyne vintage.PNG


... in her current home.  Style that endures.

nancy pyne current.jpg


In it's original color, charcoal.

pyne hollyhock.PNG


Traditional glam. Love this mix of elements. A small sunburst mirror, leopard pillows & that exquisite Hollyhock headboard.



Powder room envy!!  

powder room.PNG


This pup is clearly living her best life



One of my favorite applications - crisp Louis XVI chairs

king louis chair.PNG


On a throw pillow,  a nice pairing with the bottle green

pillow pairing.PNG


And finally, this dreaaaaaaamy bedroom (designed by Erin Gates Design) that has my name written all over it!  Modern elegance. I love how the swirly marble lilac pillow (modern) complements the grisaille wallpaper (a classic). 

wallpapaer elegance.PNG



Photo Credits: F. SchumacherThe Glam Pad, Laura Design Co,  Schumacher Instagram - 1, 2

Weekend Project Success

As you guys know, I'm really into Bungalow 5's Jacqui nightstand at the moment. It's clean lines and gorgeous turned legs -  a great example of  traditional design that feels fresh and current.


But they're priiiiiicey people! and would definitely bust our budget. So I decided to look for something with a similar style and feel, and that would look good in our bedroom.

I checked out  sites like Chairish & design + gallery which have quality vintage & designer pieces, but I wasn't finding anything that felt like a good fit.  And then, just as if they were in my destiny.....

... I stumbled upon this FANTASTIC pair of ming nightstands right here at a local antique shop!  Clean lines, a beautiful carved base & in great shape. And they were a pair (rarer than you'd imagine!).  Sometimes you walk into a place and come upon a real treasure & you just gotta go for it!  But me being me, I still gave it a day's worth of thought  & whipped 'em up the next day.



I considered having them professionally rejuvenated / refinished, but honestly they were in very good condition so I decided to give 'em a go!  They needed some love to smooth out the surface and fill in a spot or two, which I felt  I'd be able to manage. 

The following weekend I bought white spray paint and ordered 6 polished brass ring pulls. Sanding, priming and a few coats of spray paint later....ta-da!



I left the insides of the drawers a rich stained oak that they already were.  It makes for a nice contrast and gives the stands a little edge.

I'm THRILLED with how they've turned out you guys!  They look great in our bedroom and lend it such a charm.

I used Rust-oleum's white primer and gloss white spray print, and Minwax's semi-gloss polycrylic to seal it off.   All great choices & I'd definitely recommend them for any spray paint job you have coming up. I prefer semi-gloss for an understated look (especially with polished hardware). High-gloss if you're going glam or ultra-modern.  

 For someone who's not a major DIY-er, my DIY confidence is soaring right now! :P

The Plan for Our Bedroom

We've been wanting to refresh our bedroom for the longest time and I'm excited to finally  make it happen this summer. In the mood for some change and making our room feel more "us".  Plus it gives me a chance to experiment! I wanted to share the space and plan with you'll as it comes to life.

Here's what I know I want for our bedroom.  I want it to feel really SERENE.  A place for us to relax, retreat and de-stress in. Muffadal & I are both drawn to blues, and it's a super calming color so I want to bring blue hues into the space.

Design-wise, there's one thing and one thing alone I've been ABSOLUTELY SURE about from the start - a pair of gorgeous framed wallpaper panels running up the sides of the bed. I've been perusing Pinterest and other sites for inspiration for months, and I'm SO in love with the wallpaper I finally decided to go with!  Thibaut's Giselle in blue & white.  I fell for it the second I lay eyes on it.  And it actually became the jumping off point for the rest of the scheme.

Thibaut Giselle - Blue & White.PNG


Because we're living in a rented apartment, there's a few limitations we're working with - 
White walls - While I really want to paint the walls, it doesn't make much sense to do that right now, because we'd have to repaint it to it's original color before we move out.  But if I could, I would've gone with a muted grey like Farrow & Ball's Cromarty or Sherwin Williams Knitting Needles.

Paint Color.png

No ceiling fixture -  Our bedroom does not have a ceiling light, which is totally fine, but man, would it have been awesome to have a pretty chandelier staring down at me every morning! :)  
Budget - We're decorating on a budget. This isn't our permanent home, so we didn't want to spend a ton of $$$ on it right now. There are 1-2 larger investment pieces I'm really keen on but we're going to hold off on them until we're in a more permanent space. Better to wait then spend in the  short term on something you don't completely love! 

At the same time, I still wanted to decorate our current room with things that I love & that we could carry over to a future home. 

So here's the plan - 

final scheme.png

wallpaper - Thibaut's Giselle in blue & white 
bedding  - bordered sheets,  euroshams - quilted,   throw - cashmere, spa blue
end tables - I am obsessed with these Bungalow 5 Jacqui end tables, love their gracefulness and the turned legs (but oh, that price!).  
Will have to hunt for something similar!
table lamp - clear, tapered crystal lamps
rug - most likely a bleached jute - because we have a darker wall-to-wall carpet already.
curtains -  Ikea's Merete for the win - a heavy fabric that looks more expensive than it is & holds up well. Also, a great length (98") if you have high ceilings like we do. 
natural fiber basket - rattan, wicker or hyacinth
mirrors - 2 options I'm considering - a trio of small antique gold sunburst mirrors or these round gilt mirrors from Pottery Barn
art - when hunting for tranquil art, I came across The People's Prints on Etsy. Love their water color abstracts in pastels. , framing -  matted, brass

I'm so excited to see it come to life!!!