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You love beautiful interiors.
You love art.
You'd like fresh ideas & inspiration for your home!
You love travelling.
You like a good book.
You love a good story.
You'd like to go behind-the-scenes on some of the most beautifully designed spaces & products in the world.


About Zeenat


I'm a decorator & a design professional from the Bay Area. I've had the pleasure of working with some wonderful people, on some wonderful projects - Stephanie Marsh at Marsh & Clark Design, The San Francisco Arts & Antiques Show, Ascent Apartments, The Pierce & Maker's Market. I believe in working closely with clients to understand your lifestyle, your needs, wants and budget, and your personal style, and incorporating this into your home. Everyone deserves to feel in harmony with & proud of their living space!

I love beautiful things. I'm fascinated by the story behind a piece of art or how something was designed.  I'm inspired by design that borrows from the past and brings it into the present, with a fresh take on it!  A mix of vintage and modern aesthetics. 

I love nature, travel & exploration and seek inspiration from all of it.

Here, I intend to share with you design discoveries & ideas to live beautifully and imbue style into the everyday. And keep you updated on projects I'm working on.

I'm also the founder of Flint People, a resource for creative entrepreneurs to learn from other creative entrepreneurs, where I interviewed 15 creatives & business owners, including the founders of Three Twins Ice Cream & IAmElemental.  Prior to this, I was a Product Manager at Microsoft,  designing & shipping products for Microsoft Office (Excel was my first & remains my favorite).


An Art & Design Awakening

On a recent trip to France, I was inspired by the way the French lead their lives. They bring creativity & flair into everything they do, and it was a JOY to witness. 

In Paris, I was inspired by the design, packaging and presentation of things. Whether it was a box of tea , a perfume or a macaroon, it was exquisitely done. The color palettes fresh. The window displays told a story & transported you in an instant.

Provence was an absolute revelation. I got introduced to nature in a whole new way in the south of France. You'll see every shade of green imaginable as you drive through the countryside, and just like that, you might stumble upon a patch of lavender. Cypress trees touched the sky. Natural fragrances filled the air. Lavender, rose, verbena were a part of people's daily lives. It's no wonder, the best fragrances in the world come from this part of the world! I fell in love with this aesthetic way of life.

I took A LOT of notes and met some wonderful people!  It was a hugely inspiring trip for me,  that really made me see the joy in living beautifully and imbuing style into the everyday.